Cytognos S.L. is a biotechnology company based in Salamanca specializing in the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques that provide innovative solutions in the flow cytometry field.

Supplier’s offer includes:


Single-color antibodies

Double-color combinations

Triple-color combinations

Isotype controls

EuroFlow™ HematoOncology

EuroFlow™ Screening Tubes

LST: Lymphoid Screening Tube

ALOT: Acute Leukemia Orientation Tube

PCST: Plasma Cell Screening Tube

SST: Small Sample Tube

EuroFlow™ Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Panels


Multiple Myeloma (MM) MRD kit

EuroFlow™ Immunodeficiencies

PIDOT: Primary Immunodeficiency Orientation Tube

Immunoglobulins and subclasses

EuroFlow™ calibration particles: SPHERO™ Rainbow calibration particles

Multicolor kits

Lymphocyte subset studies


Lymphoclonal™, Lymphoclonal™-9 and Lymphoclonal™-12

Plasma cell studies

Screening Kit for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria (PNH)

Dendritic cells exclusion kit

DNA studies: Cycloscope™

Absolute counting systems

Perfect-Count Microspheres™


Erythrocyte lysing solution

Quicklysis™ Erytrocyte Lysing Solution

BulkLysis™: Fixative free ammonium chloride erythrocyte lysing solution

Flow Cytometry Software

Infinicyt™ Flow Cytometry Software