Since 1994, we have developed and supplied immunological reagents for the IVD industry and research community. Nowadays, we provide products for several clinical and research areas, and are proud to be a leading provider of reagents for troponin I immunoassays, as well as for certain infectious diseases.

Supplier’s offer inlcudes:

Monoclonal Antibodies

Cardiac Marker Antibodies

Blood Coagulation and Anemia Antibodies

Metabolic Syndrome Antibodies

Kidney Diseases Antibodies

Fertility and Pregnancy Antibodies

Hormone Antibodies

Tumor Marker Antibodies

Neuroscience Antibodies

Immunology and Serology

Inflammation Antibodies

Infectious Disease Antibodies

Veterinary Antibodies

Microbial and Plant Toxin Antibodies

Miscellaneous Antibodies

Thyroid Antibodies


Cardiac Marker Antigens

Blood Coagulation and Anemia Antigens

Metabolic Syndrome Antigens

Kidney Diseases Antigens

Fertility and Pregnancy Antigens

Hormone Antigens

Tumor Marker Antigens

Neuroscience Antigens

Immunology and Serology Antigens

Inflammation Antigens

Infectious Disease Antigens

Veterinary Antigens

Microbial and Plant Toxin Antigens

Miscellaneous Antigens

Thyroid Antigens

Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal anti-procalcitonin (PCT), PPC3

Polyclonal anti-canine C-reactive protein (cCRP), PRP4

Polyclonal anti-human Cardiac Troponin I, 4T21/2

Polyclonal anti-SARS-CoV-2 Nucleoprotein, PSN5

Sera and Plasma

BNP and NT-proBNP Free Plasma, EDTA, 8BFP

Troponin I free serum, 8TFS

CRP free serum, 8CFS

Myoglobin free serum, 8MFS

FABP (Fatty Acid Binding Protein) free serum, 8FFS

Myeloperoxidase free serum, 8MPFS

Cystatin C free serum, 8CCFS