Applied Biological Materials

Applied Biological Materials (ABM) Inc. is a Canadian company that is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations for life science research and drug development. Numerous product lines cover many cutting-edge technologies, such as RT-PCR, antibodies, siRNA, cell immortalization, and adenoviral and lentiviral expresion systems.

Supplier’s offer inlcudes:


Transfection Reagents

DNA Purification

Markers and Chemicals

Cloning & NGS Enzymes

NG Sequencing Service

Tag Antibodies

Loading Control Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Western Blot/ELISA/IHC

Cell Lysates

Protein Purification



Viral Expression

Custom Services

Diagnostic Assays

Lab Equipment

Cell Immortalization

Primary Cells

Immortalized Primary Cells

Stable Cell Lines

Stem Cells

Cell Culture Products