Monkeypox Virus (MPXV) IgG ELISA Kit

Monkeypox virus (MPV) is an orthopoxvirus that causes a disease with symptoms similar, but less severe, to smallpox. While smallpox was eradicated in 1980, monkeypox continues to occur in countries of central and west Africa. Two distinct clade are identified: the west African clade and the Congo Basin clade, also known as the central African clade. In May 2022, multiple cases of monkeypox were detected in several non-endemic countries, making it urgent to further understand the epidemiology, source of infection and mode of transmission of this disease.

Monkeypox virus (MPV) is a double-stranded DNA virus belonging to orthopoxviruses of the Poxviridae family. It is one of the human orthopoxviruses, including variola (VACV), vaccinia (CPX) and vaccinia (VACV) viruses. Monkeypox virus is about 200-400 nm in size, brick or oval in shape, with stable DNA structure, which can repair itself when mutation occurs.


Intended use

This ELISA kit applies to the in vitro qualitative determination of Monkeypox Virus (MPXV) IgG in human serum and plasma.


  1. Cut Off(C.O.) = 2.1 × Negative Control(NC) average A450.

When NC average A450 < 0.05, calculate it as 0.05. While 0.05 ≤ NC average A450 ≤ 0.15, calculate it as the actual value.

l  Positive result: Sample absorbance ≥ Cut Off

l  Negative result: Sample absorbance < Cut Off

  1. Intra-CV: CV%<8%

 Inter-CV: CV%<10%


The unopened kit can be stable for 6 months at 2-8℃. After opening the kit, keep the reagents according to the manual.






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One-step TUNEL Assay Kit

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GenomeCoV19 Detection Kit

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abm’s GenomeCoV19 Detection Kit is a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) test intended for the qualitative detection of RNA from SARS-CoV-2 in human nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab specimens from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider.


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COVID-19 Cellular Immunoresponse Monitoring Kits

Our goal was to provide all laboratories that analyze peripheral blood samples of COVID-19 patients with an efficient, reliable and fast tool for analyzing carefully selected cellular subpopulations that are important for characterizing the patient’s immune system status, monitoring it over time, monitoring the impact of medical intervention and providing information helpful in determination of patient‘s prognosis.

ED7704 DryFlowEx ASC Screen Kit

DryFlowEx ASC Screen Kit is designed for Flow Cytometry screening of Antibody Secreting B Cells (ASC) during viral infection. Multicolor panel of antibody conjugates CD45 Pacific BlueTM / IgD FITC / CD27 PE / CD24 PerCP-CyTM5.5 / CD19 PE-CyTM7 / CD21 APC / CD38 APC-CyTM7 dried in a single flow cytometry tube enables immunophenotyping of differentiated B lymphocyte subsets in EDTA-anticoagulated human blood.

ED7705 DryFlowEx ACT T Screen Kit

DryFlowEx ACT T Screen Kit is designed for Flow Cytometry screening of activated T cells (ACT T) during virus infection. Multicolor panel of antibody conjugates CD45 Pacific BlueTM / CD8 Pacific OrangeTM / CD4 FITC / PD-1 PE / HLA-DR PerCP-CyTM5.5 / CD3 PE-CyTM7 / CXCR5 APC / CD38 APC- CyTM7 dried in a single flow cytometry tube enables immunophenotyping of activated T lymphocyte subsets including a specific population of circulating follicular T helper cells (cTfh) in EDTA-anticoagulated human blood