COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) research products from CEDARLANE

We are happy to announce some new COVID-19 and related research products that are now available:

COVID-19 Cellular Immunoresponse Monitoring Kits

Our goal was to provide all laboratories that analyze peripheral blood samples of COVID-19 patients with an efficient, reliable and fast tool for analyzing carefully selected cellular subpopulations that are important for characterizing the patient’s immune system status, monitoring it over time, monitoring the impact of medical intervention and providing information helpful in determination of patient‘s prognosis.

ED7704 DryFlowEx ASC Screen Kit

DryFlowEx ASC Screen Kit is designed for Flow Cytometry screening of Antibody Secreting B Cells (ASC) during viral infection. Multicolor panel of antibody conjugates CD45 Pacific BlueTM / IgD FITC / CD27 PE / CD24 PerCP-CyTM5.5 / CD19 PE-CyTM7 / CD21 APC / CD38 APC-CyTM7 dried in a single flow cytometry tube enables immunophenotyping of differentiated B lymphocyte subsets in EDTA-anticoagulated human blood.

ED7705 DryFlowEx ACT T Screen Kit

DryFlowEx ACT T Screen Kit is designed for Flow Cytometry screening of activated T cells (ACT T) during virus infection. Multicolor panel of antibody conjugates CD45 Pacific BlueTM / CD8 Pacific OrangeTM / CD4 FITC / PD-1 PE / HLA-DR PerCP-CyTM5.5 / CD3 PE-CyTM7 / CXCR5 APC / CD38 APC- CyTM7 dried in a single flow cytometry tube enables immunophenotyping of activated T lymphocyte subsets including a specific population of circulating follicular T helper cells (cTfh) in EDTA-anticoagulated human blood


Bluegene Biotech has developed high-quality ELISA kits for the laboratorial research of animal diseases.
Full list below:

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Highlights of Elabscience Biochemical Kits

Flexible Selections:

  • Various detection methods: colorimetry, fluorometry, turbidimetry
  • Wide application: detection of functional protein/ enzyme, metabolite, vitamin, ion content, etc.
  • Variety sample types: serum, plasma, cultured cells, plant and animal tissues, etc.
  • Instruments: Microplate reader, Spectrophotometer, Biochemical analyzer

Superior Performance

  • Wide application:Principle is chemical reaction, not limited to specie.
  • Strong anti-interference capability: It is highly specific due to enzymatic reaction
  • Good reproducibility: intra-CV<5%, inter-CV<5%, recovery rate is 100±5%
  • Good stability: the kits can be stable for up to 6 months at 2~8℃
  • Simple and fast operation: 50 samples can be detected within 1 hour

PrinciplesChemical reactionSpecific binding between antibody and antigen
Detection purposeEnzyme activity (enzyme), 
concentration ( saccharide,ion, protein, etc.)
Concentration (protein, antibody, etc.)
EquipmentMicroplate reader, 
biochemical analyzer
Microplate reader
Detection methodsColorimetry, 
AdvantagesWide linear detection range, ease-of-use, diverse sample typesHigh sensitivity and specificity

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EuroFlow™ NGF Solution for the screening of CLPD: LST Reference Database

QuicKey ELISA Kits
QuicKey ELISA Kit is an improvement of the traditional sandwich ELISA Kit. It simplifies the operation process, and only 2 washing steps and 3 incubation steps are required. It shortens the experiment time from 3.5 hours to 2.5 hours without compromising high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and stability. The QuicKey ELISA Kit guarantees the experiment performance and greatly improve the detection efficiency!


Flow cytometric immunobead assay for the detection of BCR–ABL fusion proteins in leukemia patients