nanoimmunotech is the first European company in the Nanobiotechnology sector, dedicated to the biological and physico-chemical characterization and to the conjugation of nanoparticles and products containing them. The company has highly qualified and internationally recognized human resources, state-of-the-art laboratory capabilities, standardized protocols and finally, the know how to perform proper supervision, advice and validation of different nanosystems, as a first step to the previous use of nanoparticles in biotechnological applications for different sectors (biomedical, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, veterinary, agro-food, environmental, etc.).

Supplier’s offer inlcudes:

NITZIPPER, simple and versatile Bioconjugation solution

NITBIOCONJUGATION, Your Expert in Bioconjugation

gold nanopraticles conjugation kits

magnetic nanoparticles conjugation kits

oligonucleotides conjugation kits

bioconjugation services 

conjugation advisory serices

protein purify & concentrate

accesories & others

NITBIOSENSING, innovative biosensing technologies

NITPARTICLES, “One-stop shop” for all nanoparticles needs

magnetic macro – and nanoparticles

gold nanoparticles

polymeric micro – and nanoparticles

gold clusters

accesories & others

kits (based in nanoparticles)

NITBIOSAFE, in vitro & in vivo characterization of nanomaterials

NITCHARACTER, Physicochemical characterization of micro/nanostructures