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PD-1/PD-L1 interaction blocked by antibodies, freeing T cell to kill tumor cell

KEYTRUDA (anti-PD-1(Programmed cell death protein 1) antibody) get approval of FDA.

KEYTRUDA, Also called Pembrolizumab, is an anti-PD-1(Programmed cell death protein 1) antibody from humanized( from Mouse),  which has been approved by the FDA.

KEYTRUDA Could inhibit the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway in the body and helps the body’s immune system fight cancer cells. PD-1/PD-L1 interaction blocked by antibodies, freeing T cell to kill tumor cell.

MSI-H and dMMR tumor is a genetic abnormality could cause the Affecting the intracellular DNA repair mechanism, PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies could be used to treat the Head and neck cancer; Hodgkin’s disease; Malignant melanoma; Non-small cell lung cancer.

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Fine Test Related Products
EH0252    Human PD-1/PDCD1(Programmed Cell Death Protein 1) ELISA Kit         0.156-10ng/ml
EH2218    Human PDCD4(Programmed cell death protein 4) ELISA Kit          0.312-20ng/ml


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To dzięki Państwu, BIOLIM w dalszym ciągu rozwija się i podążając za nowościami w świecie nauki może stale podnosić jakość świadczonych przez siebie usług, a także rozszerzać ich zakres.

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Next Generation Flow and Infinicyt™ 2.0

Infinicyt™ is the most powerful software for the analysis of flow cytometry data. It has been developed by Cytognos S.L. in collaboration with the EuroFlow™ consortium and it is compatible with most types and brands of cytometers.

Next Generation Flow is the next step in the evolution of current flow cytometry. It allows experts to study hematological and immunological diseases at a level of sensitivity never reached before and fulfilling the high standards applied today to every clinical tool.

Last June, Infinicyt™ 2.0 was released providing us the last part in the standardization of the flow process. The process of automatic clustering and classification of multidimensional information will change the paradigm of the flow cytometry data analysis and will play an important role in the clinical setting in the upcoming years. The combination of standardized sample processing protocols, reproducible reagents and automatic software tools makes flow cytometry a most robust, fast and reproducible technique which will increase its broad applicability.

Several webinars have been scheduled in the coming weeks regarding Infinicyt™ and the application of standardized lyophilized reagents on the study of hematological and immunological diseases. Register here:

Contact Cytognos Technical Support team to get more information about Cytognos complete solution:

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BioVision’s GeneGlideTM Transfection Reagents!

BioVision’s high performance, broad spectrum GeneGlideTM Transfection Reagents are ideal for delivering nucleic acids including DNA, siRNA, miRNA to mammalian cells. Each of the GeneGlideTM reagents are highly efficient with maximum compatibility, yet exhibiting lower cellular toxicity and can be used for a wide variety of cell types. Additionally, we also offer an easy to use, highly sensitive fluorescently labeled RNAi duplexes as transfection delivery controls for in vitro and in vivo tracking.

Key Features:

  • For Stable and Transient Transfections
  • Broad Spectrum Delivery Types
  • High Efficiency Delivery & Low Cellular Toxicity
  • Animal-Origin Free Components & Serum Compatible
  • High Efficiency siRNA Delivery & Minimal Off-Target Effects
  • Fluorescein Labeled RNAi Delivery Controls

Figures (A). GeneGlideTM DNA Reagent Exhibits Higher Expression and Lower Cellular Toxicity as Compared to Other Transfection Reagents in HUVEC cells. (B). Efficient Knockdown of Endogenous Genes in Primary Hepatocytes Using GeneGlideTM siRNA Reagent.

Check out our Transfection Reagents:

Cat. No. Product Name Size
M1080-300, -500, -1000 GeneGlide™ DNA Transfection Reagent 300 µl, 500 µl, 1 ml
M1081-300, -500, -1000 GeneGlide™ siRNA Transfection Reagent 300 µl, 500 µl, 1 ml
M1082-10, -50, -100 GeneGlide™ RNAi Delivery Control 10 µg, 50 µg, 100 ug

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We’re very honored to have been selected as a finalist for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Business Excellence Awards in the Innovation of the Year category.

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